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Today, the Public Information Disclosure Act Begins to Be Enforced

Bogor, 8 May 2015. The Central Information Commission (Komisi Informasi Pusat/KIP) has granted FWI’s request for information. The decision was recited by the chairman of commissionary board in information dispute trial between FWI and Ministry of Environment and Forestry. After the receipt of the injunction (amar putusan), the Ministry shall comply with the decision and immediately submit the requested data.

 The commissionary board’s decision shows that Information Comission is committed to implement Law No.14 of 2008. Although several internal aspects still need to be improved, this decision is worth appreciation as this time KIP has managed to thoroughly distinguish between open information from the exempted one. The information requested by FWI to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry constitutes basic information that will enable people to distinguish between legal and illegal activities in forest use monitoring.  …